Dear Parishioners,
You have the opportunity to download and print your year-end 2017 contribution statement. This is a new process for the parish. We hope you find the following links and instructions helpful.
Know that this year-end statement is part of the parish and diocesan database called Connect Now Family Suites: My Own Church.
Father Randy
Step One:
CNFS – MOC: How to Sign Up for a New Account  **Be sure to replace the words your diocese with Madison.
Step Two:
After signing up for a ParishSOFT account –
Downloading Your 2017 Contribution Statement
 1. Select the My Offering tab.
 2. Click Giving History.
 The Giving History page is displayed.
 3. To the left of Electronic Statement, click the button: Download. From the displayed list, select the 2017 Statement link.
 The Save As dialog box opens.
 4. Save the file to the desired location on your computer.
 5. Double-click the file to open the statement.
 6. If desired, click PRINT to print it.