The Festival is Saint Dennis’ largest fundraiser for the year. We really need your help selling raffle tickets, volunteering and, of course, enjoying the Festival.

We have many areas that desperately need volunteers. Please be generous in volunteering your time. Volunteer questions can be directed to Chris Vroman at (608) 316-2779 or Stop by the Game Ticket Booth or the Raffle Booth Festival weekend to find out where you can help.

2018 Festival Letter

Festival Committee Members

Chris and John Vroman, (608) 316-2779

Ann Pitz, (608) 770-8487

Darla and Brian Stachowiak, (608) 212-8724

Ed Gaudet,  (608) 839-3389

Diane and Mark Fremgen, (920) 203-2591

Erin and Steven Theisen, (608) 334-2868

To contact the Festival Chairs or for more information, email

Requests For Festival Weekend

Raffle Tickets

Chairpersons:  Diane and Mark Fremgen, (920) 203-2591

All of the prizes are cash  again this year with the top five cash prizes being $1,000, $1,500, $2,500, $3,000 and the grand prize of $10,000. Tickets are $2 each or 6 for $10. Please sell your tickets and reserve the weekend of July 28-30 so that you can participate fully in the fun of the Saint Dennis Festival!  And mark your calendars for the raffle drawing which will be held August 16 at 7:00 pm!


Chairpersons:  Dorothy Ewing, (608) 516-0106 and Peggy Kiefer, (608) 206-0855

Each family is requested to bring two fruit pies for dinner (or $5 in advance toward the cost of purchasing). Fruit Pies only – please no cream, meringue, pumpkin pies or cheesecake.  Please label if it contains nuts/peanuts.)  Desserts should be brought to the cafeteria on Saturday or no later than 10:30 am on Sunday.  Families not bringing desserts are asked to contribute $5.00 toward the dinner expense.  This money should be brought to the Personnel Office in the School on either Saturday or Sunday. We are also looking for your fresh cut garden flowers for dinner table centerpieces.  Please bring on Saturday at 11:00 am.   Adults – $10.50       Seniors – $8.50   Children – $5.00

Prizes & Games

Chairpersons:  Reinette Griswold, (608) 220-8388 and Mary Saba, (608) 764-8714

Lots of small metal jar rings are needed for the pop toss.  Please drop off 1 week in advance to Fellowship Hall or anytime during the Festival.

Sweet Tooth Booth

Chairpersons:  In need of Chair Person!

We need homemade candies (fudges, divinity, seafoam, etc.) and baked goods, such as – cakes (including coffee cakes and cupcakes), cookies/bars, breads (nuts, banana, zucchini, etc.) and muffins are all good sellers.  Gluten free items are becoming popular. Please label and wrap all items.  Donations should be cut into individual servings when brought to Saint Dennis. Donators can feel free to portion, package and wrap items; or the Sweet Tooth Booth can package them. Extra trays and containers are needed.  Please bring donations to Fellowship Hall on Saturday (8:00 am – 5:15 pm) or Sunday as early as possible.

Cake Walk

Chairperson:  Rosie Troia, (608) 273-3462

We need all sizes and varieties of cakes (or 12 cupcakes to equal one cake). Please cover them and deliver in disposable (non-returnable) containers. Families with last names starting with A through L should bring cakes on Saturday before 1:00 pm to Room 160 of the school. Families with last names starting with M through Z should bring cakes on Sunday before 1:00 pm to Room 160 of the school.

Cookie Monster

Chairperson:  Tina Moura, (608) 512-2518; Rick Moura, (608) 332-9895

Home-baked, 4-inch cookies such as chocolate chip, M&M, peanut butter or sugar are needed. Individually wrap them in plastic and drop off in Room 160 of the school by noon on Saturday or Sunday.

Treasure Chest

Chairperson: In Need of Chair Person!

We need children’s prizes. Please bring at least five prizes suitable for girls and at least five more for boys. These inexpensive items (50-cent value, generally) need not be new, but they should be suitable for prizes (no McDonald toys, sparklers or edible items). All should be wrapped and marked “boy” or “girl” and delivered anytime to Fellowship Hall.


Chairperson:  Mary Pronschinske, (608) 221-4702

Any type of handicraft is appreciated.  Popular items are towels, art/craft projects, doll clothes, aprons, pillowcases, potholders, bibs, ceramics, etc.  Any new ideas will be welcome.  Potted plants will also be accepted.  We challenge each family to show their talents and bring at least one item; however, the more the better.  Please bring to the booth in Fellowship Hall by 12:00 noon on Friday.

Flea Market

Chairpersons:  Patty Sommer, (608) 957-4959

This very special garage sale needs your donations of good, gently used household items: small appliances, furniture, tools, lawn & garden utensils, sports equipment, toys, games, knick knacks, cooking utensils, housewares, jewelry, etc.  PLEASE do NOT bring any computer or computer components, clothing, paint/petroleum products, washers/ dryers, large kitchen appliances, TVs, sinks, toilets, fluorescent lighting/tubes or broken items!  Donations will be accepted from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm on the following Thursday evenings: June 14, 21 & 28 and July 5, 12 & 19.  Drop off your items at the north door of the School (by Father’s house).  Look for the signs. Thank you. All large items/furniture should be dropped off on Friday, July 28.  We don’t have a lot of room to store these prior to the festival.  Thank you!

Volunteer for the Flea Market:

Used Book Tent

Chairperson:  Wendy Moran, (608) 213-0263; Sue Dorst, (608) 249-0144

We can use both hardbacks and paperbacks in all subject areas.  Pre-recorded videotapes, encyclopedias, and textbooks are not accepted.. Cookbooks, mysteries, science fiction, comics, children’s books, history, literature and romances are all popular, but everything is welcome and more is better.  If it is inconvenient for you to bring them to the church/school prior to or on the Saturday of the Festival, or you don’t want to store them that long, please contact the event chairperson, Wendy Moran. Perhaps a pick-up can be arranged.  Please be generous in your donations.  There can never be too many books.  Books you wish to donate for the book tent can also be dropped off at the same times and location that are listed for the flea market.

Festival Food/Refreshment Stand

Chairpersons: Rachel Mohrmann, (608) 698-1225 and Matt Beisser, (608) 332-5985

Volunteer for the Food Stand: