Absence Policy

Students are expected to attend all grade level classes. Parents are highly encouraged to promote their children’s positive, active participation in all phases and opportunities offered. Parental support and cooperation are vital to a successful program and greatly appreciated!

Registration Fee Policy

All registration will be online using our new Parish Soft registration for the K-9 program. If you do not have access to a computer, please contact the Faith Formation office or stop in the Parish Office for assistance. 2018-19 registration fee for grades K-9 is $70.00 per student (parishioners) fees. For non-parishioners, the fee is $100.00 per student. Registration needs to be completed by August 31, 2018.

Procedures for Accidents and Illnesses during Classes

  1. Staff will instruct youth to report all injuries/illnesses
  2. Staff shall refer the reported or observed incident(s) to the director
  3. In cases where the youth cannot return to a class or in emergency situations, the parents/guardians are responsible for making arrangements for medical treatment and transportation.
  4. If an emergency is severe, the staff shall call for emergency medical care before or concurrent with notification to the parents or guardians

Cancellations for Classes

Saint Dennis Faith Formation classes will be canceled:

  • If Madison Metropolitan School District Schools close early or are closed for the day due to weather conditions
  • If weather becomes a threat during the day class would be held and a winter storm warning is issued.

Parents are encouraged to exercise their discretion for those “other” weather situations which inevitably happen.