Bible Study/Faith Sharing

A number of Bible study and other faith-sharing groups meet periodically, using the Bible, videos on religious topics, and other materials to guide their discussion.
Contact: Kathy Saunders at (608) 222-9558 or

Care for Creation Team

In response to Pope Francis’ Encyclical ‘Laudato Si’ on Care for Our Common Home, this group has been working on developing a parish-based response to the encyclical through prayer, education and direct actions. Pope Francis asks us, “What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us, to the children who are now going up?” Our parish addresses many of the issues in the encyclical regarding assistance to the poor, disadvantaged and hungry. This group addresses issues primarily dealing with global warming and preservation and conservation of natural resources. The main goal of the group is to reduce the parish’s impact on the environment and to encourage and assist individual parishioners on reducing their impact as well.  In ‘Laudato Si’ we hear, “Climate change is a global problem… It represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day”. The church, our church, Saint Dennis can lead by doing.
Contact: Kathleen Coleman at

Care for Creation Presentation

Care for Creation Team Charter

Care for Creation 5 Year Goals

Care for Creation 2017 Goals

Actions to Reduce Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint Estimate Calculator

Faith Formation

We endeavor to assist parents/guardians in the awesome responsibility of leading their children to a personal relationship with God through Gospel values of Jesus Christ and witnessed through their Catholic Faith.

Saint Dennis School Volunteer

Volunteers contribute in many ways. Learn specific, fun ways to get involved at (608) 246-5121 or visit the school website.

Scripture Study with Father Randy

Parishioners meet on Friday mornings at 9:15 am. What better way to fall more in love with Jesus than by studying his Gospel teachings in preparation for the Sunday liturgy?
Contact: Jacque Childs at

RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)

A process for adults who are seeking to be baptized and join the Catholic Church. It is also for baptized adults who are interested in completing their full membership into the Catholic Church through the reception of Holy Eucharist and/or Confirmation. This process helps adults grow in their relationship with God, become familiar with Catholic teachings and practices and experience community of faith through friendships and service. RCIA team members and sponsors provide support and share their faith.
Contact: Sister Mary Therese Dolan at (608) 246-5120 ext. 224 or