Saint Dennis Catholic Education Endowment Fund

 A fund of The Catholic Diocese of Madison Foundation, Inc.

The Saint Dennis Catholic Education Endowment provides financial support to the operating expenses of both the Saint Dennis Catholic School and Catholic faith formation programs serving the parish.

From Father Randy Timmerman, Pastor

“Remember this: Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously.”  ~2 Cor 9:6

Your investment in our Catholic Education Endowment Fund makes an immediate impact as well as investing in the future of the values of our Catholic faith. Thank you in advance for sowing generously and trusting that God loves a cheerful giver.

Current Fund Value: over $700,000


Q: Why should donors consider an endowment rather than an outright gift?

Answer: With an endowment, the gift stays permanently invested. An annual distribution is generated by the fund earnings and supports the life and work of the parish indefinitely.

Q: Is there a minimum amount that can be given?

Answer: No. Contributions of any size are gratefully accepted.

Q: Can the parish or diocese ever claim funds from the endowment, in all or in part?

Answer: No. As a legally established investment contract, the endowment can never be closed or used in any way other than specified at its establishment.

 Q: Should I consult my own lawyer or financial advisor before making a contribution?

Answer: It is important for donors to feel completely comfortable in their relationship with the CDMF. Though the fund utilizes the services of top professionals in the legal, accounting, and financial planning fields, donors should use their own lawyer, CPA, certified financial planner or life insurance professional to review arrangements and prepare the appropriate documents.

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Gifts should be made to:

Saint Dennis Catholic Education Endowment
c/o The Catholic Diocese of Madison Foundation, Inc.
702 S. High Point Road, Suite 223
Madison, WI 53719-4926

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