Support Saint Dennis. Purchase Scrip.

Saint Dennis Parish sells scrip cards as a fundraiser. Scrip fundraising gift cards are the same gift cards you would normally purchase from a retailer in your local area, and they work the same way. Parishioners and school families purchase scrip for full face value and receive full face value to use. Saint Dennis pays for the cards at a discounted cost. The difference between the face value and the discounted cost is the rebate or profit.  The rebates offered by the merchants vary, but range from 2% to 17%. A few are even higher!

How to Buy Scrip

There are three easy ways to buy scrip:

  1. Buy cards with cash or check. We keep a stock of the most popular cards on hand for you to purchase after Mass on the third Sunday of the month (and all weekends in December) and weekday sales from the parish office (Wednesday) and school office (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday when school is in session).
  2. Submit the below order form along with your check or cash payment to the parish office or at one of the Sunday sales. Your cards will be available for pick up the following week in the parish office.
    SCRIP Order Form
  3. Order cards online using “PrestoPay” (an account linked to your checking account) and then pick them up at the parish office. For additional details visit the “How to Order Scrip” page on the Saint Dennis School website.

Scrip Purchases Support School and Parish

Your parish scrip purchases generate revenue for the school, plus three areas of the parish: Faith Formation, Mission and the building and maintenance budget. You can designate your scrip rebate for any of these specific program areas using the below agreement form.

Scrip Program Agreement Form

Make Scrip a Routine

Instead of paying for your normal, everyday purchases with cash or credit, use the scrip prepaid gift cards! Use scrip cards for everyday purchases like gas, groceries, gifts, restaurants, clothing and much more.  Do you typically stop at Woodman’s on the way home?  Buy a scrip card to take with you.  Do you like to have a Starbucks before work? Buy a scrip card to make the purchase. Do you have a Kohl’s charge? Pay your bill with scrip cards!


Visit the “What is scrip?” page on the Saint Dennis School website, email or call one of the scrip coordinators: Jessica Murphy (608)575-3597 or Carol Jacques (608) 217-5206